Ralph Cabrera
Illustrator/Graphic Design
For a limited time, Ralph is offering Painting Parties for all ages.  Our team brings the art supplies, you place the venue and prepare yourselves for a wonderful night of Art , Music, and relaxation. You will be surprised at what you can achieve artistically while enjoying yourself
Each Month, we will have a new Art piece for a limited time availability. If you enjoy a certain piece of artwork, you contact us and we will have the piece custom-framed and sent to your home for the sale price listed. We will gladly send you a picture of the Art piece framed. Bring home the magic of an original Ralph Cabrera today. Contact Mary for more details.  
This Month Ralph will be attending Florida Supercon on Thursday, July 27th through Sunday July 30th at Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center. 
He is accepting Commissions set to be delivered at the Supercon. For more information,  Contact Mary at 305-856-7646 for your order today. 
Ralph Cabrera is a Freelance Illustrator with over twenty five years of Professional experience. He has worked for such notables as Marvel & DC Comics as well as a huge listing of production and advertising companies.

For the past fifteen years, Ralph has ventured into the digital realm as a Graphic Designer, Storyboard and Shooting Board artist, and T-shirt Designer. From custom Murals and boat wraps, Caricatures,  children books , and original artwork /logos, Ralph's artwork can amaze a crowd. 
Whether you have a specialized Sporting Events, non-profit or city project, Ralph's designing skills will prove an asset to your presentation.

Our newest endeavor was the publication of his book with characters based on his real family life. The book is titled,"My Mommy is having Twins" .  It currently sold out at both The Miami International Book Fair in Downtown Miami as well as the Magic City Con In Fort Lauderdale. With vibrant colors, and lively characters as well as a positive message, the book is a hit for children between the ages of five through twelve. Click My Mommy on the menu to see more.
  Ralph 's talent has been used in several campaigns including Met Life, The Downy Bears, and Telemundo Novelas.  From a Superbowl Commercial to a Cheverolet Corvette campaign to Project Green, his attention to detail makes his artwork stand out in a crowd. Click Storyboards for more information.
His comic and custom artwork have been seen on commercial business fronts, boat wraps, and even tatoos. For home interiors, he has completed a  Stained Glass illustration for use in a private home chapel and  superhero illustrations for a home theater not to mention from princess to iconic comic characters for children's room murals . Click Comics for more.
Ralph can illustrate a wide variety of images tailored to your specific needs. His services may  include the artwork and  the rights to widespread publishing.  One illustration can go a long way! 

Join us as we invite you to enter the world of Ralph Cabrera.Here is a video featured Ralph's past illustrations.  Click here:  Enter

Celebrate our Back to School Month  with colorful Art from  Ralph Cabrera. The next Art Painting Class is scheduled for Friday, August 11th in The Roads community in Miami, Florida . For more information, call Mary at 


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